A) Recent Editorials

Corbyn Suspended.  November 2020
Sir Keir is by profession a common law barrister, but as a political leader he prefers Inquisition to debate. It came to light after his election that he is a strong Zionist and it is therefore understandable why he preferred that the issue of Labour Party Anti-Semitism should not be tested in open Court, in which both sides would be represented, but should be passed judgment on by a Committee.

The Deficit Myth. November 2020 – 2nd Editorial
Can Labour present itself as an alternative to the Tory Party if it does not understand the reality of a currency creating state? The question is not idle speculation. In the Furlough scheme the state paid 80% of the wages of those in employment who could not work because of the pandemic. The scheme was described by many as generous. This misses the point. 80% was the rate necessary to ensure that all the industries that could still work throughout the pandemic would not experience any significant drop in demand for their produce. Such a drop in demand would have further exacerbated the unemployment problems directly created by the pandemic.

A Dishonourable Start.  October 2020.
It does not augur well for the future of the Labour Party that Starmer began with a false account of the previous 5 years of the Party under Jeremy Corbyn.  Starmer says it’s time to get serious about winning.  The implication is that Corbyn was not serious about winning and that’s why Labour lost the general elections in 2017 and 2019.  However in 2017 the swing to Labour was 9.6% .

A Clause 4 Moment.   September 2020.
Constituency Labour Parties  have been warned not to discuss, or speculate about the contents of the draft report of the Equality and Human Rights Commission into allegations of antisemitism within the party.
Just what cause does this ban serve?

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