2018 12 – NHS Articles – Correction

The NHS, NLR and SR. A Correction and Apology

In my article on the NHS in the November issue of Labour Affairs, not only did I get the title of the Colin Leys and Stewart Player book, The Plot against the NHS confused with another book, NHS for sale, I also gave a misleading account of the history of the Socialist Register. I said it had been founded by Colin Leys and Leo Panitch as a breakaway from the New Left Review. In fact, Colin tells me ‘It was [Ralph] Miliband and [John] Saville who broke away from the NLR and founded the Register, bringing out the first volume in 1964. My connection with the Register, apart from a single essay in 1978, began when I joined Leo as co-editor from 1997 (and lasted as co-editor until 2010).’ He also tells me I added ten years to his age by saying he was involved in the early days of the NLR. The New Left Review was founded in 1960. Apologies to all concerned.

Peter Brooke