2019 09 – 300th issue of our magazine

This is the 300th issue of our magazine, which began January 1987 as ‘Labour & Trade Union Review’.

We opposed Thatcherism, but also opposed the naïve leftism of the era.  We had earlier supported Workers Control and the ideas of Barbara Castle.

Readable versions of the covers are placed on our website, along with other images of very old issues.  More are being added.  See What we were saying 30 years ago.[A]

Old magazines are now available as downloadable PDFs, and some of the articles are there as Web Pages.  They are also show grouped by topic, as Articles By Topic from 1987.[B]

[A] https://labouraffairsmagazine.com/very-old-issues-images/.

[B] https://labouraffairsmagazine.com/very-old-issues-images/m-articles-by-topic/

500 300th graphic