September 2017

Latest editorial, plus Newsnotes and News from France for June.

Also September 2016: Editorial: Labour’s Next Leader?Parliament And World War One : Labour and the War; FroggyNotes on the News; Votes on Iraq; Welfare ‘Reform’; Diary of a Corbyn Foot Soldier (No.4); Whatever Happened to the Parliamentary Labour Party; Parliamentary Notes; Listening to Italy; Poems: A Murder Of Crows, The Haven, When Uncle Sam Comes To Visit.  Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 270 September 2016


July 23rd – Problems Magazine

Problems 29: Jews as ‘Collateral Damage’ in the Fall of the British Empire. Part One: Britain’s Exterminating Sea Empire (summary only)

Problems 25China: Blue Ants and Dangerous Reds – now on-line

  • Writing in 1950s, a French writer has no doubt that Mao’s new China is efficient, clean and orderly.  He dislikes the loss of what he sees as the romance of Old China, while not denying the suffering.
  • He also says “”China has therefore been Westernised for a second time, more completely than the first.  China is no longer Asiatic.  At most she will be Eurasian”.
  • The article next studies what the same writer had said earlier.  And then a bizarre US science fiction novel that shows the ignorance and prejudice about China at the time.
  • Finally it looks at the Yangtze Incident of 1949, and how it ended a century of Western intrusion into China’s rivers.

June 2017 updates

Latest Editorial:

Corbyn’s Comeback.  On the eve of the election campaign the Tories held a lead over Labour of around 20 points.  But as Harold Wilson once said, “a week is a long time in politics.”  Within a few weeks the political landscape changed as Labour successfully switched the focus from Brexit to the bread and butter issues of falling living standards, the desperate housing shortage, and the crisis in the NHS and social care.

Three Months Ago:

  • Froggy; French Elections
  • Parliamentary Notes; Article 50
  • Notes on the News;Terrorism: Discards Won’t be Discarded; Why Won’t Scotland Obey England?; 1% of Muscovites Can’t Be Wrong!; Dutch ‘Soft Left’ Slump Disastrously; Martin McGuinness – a Man of Unauthorised Violence; New Deal survived US Republicans; My Carers Don’t Care; Obamacare, Republican Snare?; Happiness is Broad Capitalist?; Right-Wing Populism in India;

From last year, now on-line:

June 2016: Editorial: Corbyn’s Heavy BurdenParliament and WW1: Why Must the War Go On?; Froggy; Zionism; Labour Briefing on Anti-semitism; Notes on News; Letters on EU referendum; Diary of a Corbyn foot soldier (No.2); Parliament Notes; Orecchiette; Poems: Maybe You Can Explain This, Own Goal, Warming Earth Freezing Hearts.  Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 268_June_2016

May 2017 – more articles!

Latest Editorial:

Trusting Theresa May.  May 2017.

‘Trust Me, I’m A Vicar’s Daughter’ could be the message.  But the overwhelming support of MPs for Article 50 wasn’t enough. She wanted complete obedience from her congregation in the chamber of the House. She claimed, bizarrely, that the country was united following the referendum result, but that parliament was divided. She accused Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP of attempting to sabotage the Brexit negotiations and of threatening to oppose a final deal.

Three Months Ago:

From last year, now on-line:

May 2016: Editorial: Steel – A Tale of Two CountriesParliament And World War One: Trade Unions and Peace Proposals.  Statement on ‘Labour’s problem with antisemitism’ from the Jewish Socialists’ Group.  Notes on the NewsFroggyHillsborough; They Never Walked Alone.  The European Union Referendum RevisitedDiary of a Corbyn foot-soldier.   Parliament Notes: Tax Avoidance and Tax EvasionCarles Clarke accusing CorbynListening to Italy by Orecchiette; Poems.  Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 267 – May 2016

March & April 2017

Latest Editorials:

Three Months Ago:

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February 2017, and from 2016

February 2016: Editorial: Open Letter to Hilary Benn on the Syrian Bombing; Parliament And World War One: ‘Defence of the Realm‘ against Betrand Russell; Corbyn’s Voting Record; MP’s Letters About the Syrian Bombing; ADS Annual Dinner: Aerospace, defence, securtiy, making friends with MPs; Rail, Rents and Housing (Part 1); FroggyWelfare and Work Reform Bill: Interview with Paul Morrison; Parliamentary Notes; Listening to Italy. Guernica Still Burns (poem); No Hounding Socialism (poem); Prime Minister’s Question Time (poem).  Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 264 February 2016.

February 2017: Editorial: May’s Fantasy Brexit; Parliament and WW1; Froggy; Charities and Organiser Salaries; Citrine and Bevin Part 1; Notes on the News; Diary of a Corbyn foot soldier (8); Parliament Notes; Listening to Italy by Orecchiette; Immunisation (poem); When We Think Of Victory (poem);