30.1) More on Britain

Celtic, Germanic, Multicultural.  The relationships between the peoples of North-West Europe, including Ireland and Britain.  And remarks on their current religious beliefs.

The Legacy of Tony Blair.  Written in 2007, when he stepped down as Prime Minister.  Saying a lot about the Iraq War: “Anyone who wanted a westernised and secular Iraq but was against Saddam was a fool“.

Ed Miliband’s anti-state legacy.  The notions he probably acquired from his father, the non-Leninist Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband.  A man who shed fog and darkness on the matter of what the state should be doing.

Orwell Looking Down on British Workers.  How he creates a false impression by leaving out things he’d seen when writing The Road to Wigan Pier.  And was a fairly average colonial racist in Shooting an Elephant.

The Significance of the Year 1984.  The year should have been celebrated as the centenary of British democracy. Only in 1884 did a majority of adult males living in Britain have a vote.  George Orwell managed to give it a very different meaning.

The Royal Bank “of Scotland”.  Looking at how the National Westminster Bank was swallowed, and a crisis created.  Also the rise of Scottish Nationalism, considered in 2008

Petty on Real Capitalism.  Writing a much more authentic description than the later work of Adam Smith. How he anticipated the modern world much better than Smith did, including the possibility of Britain becoming a country mostly devoted to industry and commerce, with agriculture margainalised.  And was in favour of tax as part of the developing economy, accepting the necessary role of the state.

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