70) USA

Why Obama Can’t.  Obama as Just Another Ineffective US President.  Written in 2011, near the end of his first term.

White Knights in Blue-Collar Armour.  How World War Two and the Cold War moved the USA far to the left of what it had been.

The War of Two Racisms.  How both sides were racist in the US Civil War.  The difference was whethet it was acceptable to hold as slaves an inferior race.  After the Northern victory, Lincoln devoted a lot of effort to finding somewhere outside the USA where the newly freed slaves could be settled.

The Good Bomber Clinton.  Why Bill Clinton wasn’t very different from George Bush Junior.

Cold Warriors In Space.  The Space Shuttle, the ‘Right Stuff’ and Chuck Yeager.  Why the concept of ‘Right Stuff’ is nonsense.

Mark Twain, American Nihilist.  Some of the negative and despairing ideas behind the visible humour.

Bewitched.  US magic-fantasy from a less troubled era.

Why the Web never evaded government control. (First published in 2000, when most people believed it was beyond control.)

How Roosevelt’s New Deal Saved the West.  And what he said about parasitic finance.

Why Capitalist ‘Managerial Science’ is Highly Collectivist.  Looking at a noted book called ‘Creating We”, created by business for business.  And implicitly contradicting official economics, which supposes detached individualism.

Kennedy Assassination – Two Separate Plots?  Did the Kennedy family intend a harmless fake assassination bid, which would explain a lot of the oddities?  But someone else decided to make it real, perhaps in reaction to the overthrow of President Diem in Vietnam.

A review of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, showing its contradictions and absurdities.

Colin Powell and Vietnam massacres.  How the former US Secretary of State tried to evade what was reported.

The significant of the Vietnam War, considered after the death of General Giap.  Also available as a PDF, Problems 14.

From two magazines, Problems and Labour Affairs., with other old articles on the website.

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