2014 04 – Against Glorifying World War One

Campaign Against Glorification of World War One

In 2014, Stop the War, No Glory and a range of peace organisations are organising meetings, debates and cultural events to mark the First World War centenary.

We oppose the attempt by David Cameron, Michael Gove and others to use the centenary to “celebrate” a slaughter that killed 15 million people as a “just” and “noble” cause.

Here is our calendar of events organized by Stop the War and other organisations. The latest events will be updated on the Stop the War web site. Full details of each event can be obtained by clicking on the links below.

The Great Debate: How Should We Remember World War One?

03 April 2014   London Stop the War

Portsmouth: Carving Up the Globe – the Real Causes of WW1

09 April 2014   Portsmouth Stop the War

Somerset No Glory in War

22 April 2014   South Somerset Peace Group

London WW1 Cultural Event

30 April 2014   North London Stop the War

St Albans WW1 Debate

12 May 2014   St Albans Stop the War

Cold Stars Lighting… First World War Poetry Readings

15 May 2014   London No Glory in War

Nottingham CND: WW1 Debate

29 May 2014   Nottingham CND

Frome: Oh! What A Lovely War!

09 July 2014    Frome Stop the War

No Glory in War Folk Night

18 July 2014    London: No Glory

Manchester Peace Conference: Peace History Lecture: No Glory

20 September 2014      Manchester Peace Conference

World War 1914 – What are the lessons for World Peace 2014?

16 October 2014         Bath UN Association


The ” Stop the War” website is at http://stopwar.org.uk/


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