35) Politics

Fear of Socialism.  How the Labour Party defectors have abandoned all Labour traditions and now defend the excess wealth of the rich. And how the charge of anti-Semitism is wildly hyped, pushed at the expense of other forms of discrimination.

Democracies and one-party states.  Europe’s mediaeval Parliaments were devised as a way of formalising the European notion that the king must consult with his more important subjects.  Only very gradually did they democratise.  Dropping this complex system onto a society with very different traditions mostly fails.

How National Economies Really Grow.  The alternative system of Friedrich List, who recognised that real economics depends on nation-states.

What Was The Lowest Ever Number of Sovereign States? An estimate based on data at the Wiki, suggesting a minimum of less than 60 just before World War One.

Adam Smith’s Friends and the birth of Conspiracy Theory.  His connections to several influential individuals, including James Watt and John Robison.  Robison believed in a conspiracy of Freemasons behind the French Revolution.  He had nothing to say about Jews, but the notion later evolved into anti-Semitic fantasies like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Why Profit Need Not Be Wealth-Creating.  The flaw in Adam Smith’s arguments.

What is Capitalism?  Arguing that Britain is not and never has been an entirely  capitalist society.

How John Stewart Mill twisted the idea of liberty.  His famous essey appears to allow everything, but then qualifies it.  Including approving of ‘Enlightened Despotism’ for other people.  Presumably because he was for most of his life employed in the London Offices of the East India Company, which in his day had established a total racial hierarchy which shut out even the most assimilated Hindus and Muslims.

The right hand of anarchy.  Mrs Thatcher in the 1980s took an axe to the roots of Britishness. This is not how she saw it, of course.   She genuinely believed that she was removing an excrescence on True Britishness.  Nice theory, shame about the facts.


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