2000 to 2009 – Magazine

In the longer run, everything should be scanned.  But the following are available now:

Anti-Capitalist, For What? (2000).

Money and Gun-Power – Globalisation as it is (2000).

Pascal, the Jesuits and Plato (2001). Why ‘Jesuitry’ was not as bad as Pascal claimed.

Bulstrode: the Complexities of English Hypocrisy (2002).

Sociocide – Liberalism’s True History (2002).

Does the ‘Right Stuff’ exist? (2003).

Reflections on the Start of the Iraq War (2003).

Genius and other mental abnormalities (2004).

Is Giftedness Tied to Cultural Values? (2004).

Orwell Looking Down on British Workers (2005).

Trotskyist Origins of US Neo-Cons (2005).

Why the Left lost the Spanish Civil War (2006).

The European Enlightenment’s Limited Light (2007).

Why ‘The Individual’ is a muddled idea (2007).

Raymond Williams in World War Two (2008).

The UK economy in 2009Socialism,  Inequality and Health (2009).

How Tibet Emerged Within the Wider Chinese Power-Political Zone.  Even its Buddhist faith was brought by a Tang-dynasty princess, Princess Wencheng.

History: the end of Fukuyama.   A review of his 2006 book, After the Neo-Cons.

Slavery in the British Empire.  Most account concentrate on Britain’s role in ending it, ignoring how vital it was to 18th century success.  (2005).

How the British Empire Blighted Britain.  Much of the country has lost population since the 19th century.  (2005).

The Anglosphere in 2004.  Anticipating Brexit: “English discontent can’t easily take coherent form, because most of the left in England refuse to see the 1945-1975 experience as anything to be proud of. But even if it ends up being expressed by fools like the UKIP, an English defection from the Anglosphere might happen over the next 10 or 20 years.”

The original guerillas of Spain.  (2004)

The World View behind the 2003 Gulf War.  Seen in Philip Bobbitt’s The Shield Of Achilles.

Needless Suffering in the 1840s Irish Potato Famine.  Free-Market Dogma put ahead of human life.

Edmund Burke’s Beliefs.  The founder of 19th century Toryism was a Deist and Whig. (2000)

March 2000: Editorial, A Spectre is Haunting Millbank…, on ex-Leftists in New Labour abandoning all principles.

August 2000 Leading Article: Liberals and Left-LiberalsNew Labour has its roots in the Labour Party’s origin as an offshoot of the Liberal Party. How British Liberalism missed the chance to create a stable world order before 1914.