2016 03 – Thank You For Self-Harming (poem)


Behind the shop front lies death and


and it’s all for sale

to the highest bidder

if you’re up for induction

and a reasonable fibber

without fear of jail

you go to the counter and ask for

Uncle Sam

the great anointer

master of the grand slam

it’s all red white and blue

the lying Fox News stars

impaled on razor wire stripes

flying from every bar

and lawn

the bended knee at the


the sycophant fawns

as they select the few

but it’s never you

for that interview

unless you have the millions

outside they whistle and


to defend the billionaires

and give the Pentagon

more clout

impoverishing the masses for the

military security complex

and what’s it all about

the subjugation of humanity

to correct

and hinder nations as they evolve

their faiths and tribes and national being

bombed to stall

so out of the shop steps a new president

sounding  familiar with the same old

clippity clop

with the neocons holding the reins

so much money ill spent

time now to take down the

shop front

and let the world take the



Wilson John Haire.