Mussolini’s Links to the British Centre-Right

Problems 42 – Tory Sympathy for Fascism in the 1930s

An imagined trial in which a lawyer defending Mussolini would have called various British witnesses to show how he was accepted until he actually went to war. Quoting words from actual articles or books.

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  1. Tories Made a Europe Fit for Fascists.
  2. Black Lives and Other Past Victims.
  3. Michael Foot on Tory Support for Mussolini. Extracts from a forgotten wartime book by former Labour leader Michael Foot.
  4. Orwell’s Review of Foot’s Work.
  5. Orwell on British Jews. This details widespread anti-Jewish feeling among ordinary Britons fighting the Nazis,
  6. Churchill in 1927 Praising Mussolini’s Italy.
  7. Fascism and Union Jackery.  Mainstream British Thinkers Close to Fascism.