2016 02 – NHS – No Hounding Socialism (poem)

NHS – No Hounding Socialism


It’s a great big giant but gentle

born in 1948 of parents governmental

a prodigy at an early age

in saving lives it was engaged

many who had been in ill-health all their lives

were shown mercy when the big one arrived

it was cash on the nail before that

now it was the welcome mat

but its compassion didn’t influence the


when they decided on retribution

though it hadn’t done anything wrong

they decided it didn’t belong

the world had changed and money was king

time to take down the giant time to sling

every value that reflected social democracy

the free market can’t be a mockery

time to tie the giant down

trip it up make it lie flat on the ground

but it’s resisting though they’ve tied one hand

while the other one punches out at the attempted



Wilson John Haire.