2015 03 – Is This The Way To Armageddon


We will finish off IS,

it’s not your job, Syria,

for they are your own people

whom you keep from humanitarian aid

and we pray for beneath

church steeples

while we bomb them more-the-


Did we say we wanted you out,


could have,

though we might be mad.

no, a voice in my ear says:

we want you out,

but then again maybe not.

Do we sound glib

with our recklessness showing up

to provide that bolt in the neck

for IS.

Some say we drove them insane,

well, who knows, but do they have to go

to excess.

Once we liked the secular,

they were following our path

and fighting our wars,

the Iran one was spectacular,

then you became too strong

and turned your attention to

Kuwait and Israel.

Why did it have to go so wrong

when we were having your enemy tortured

in foreign cells.

Then again it could be good to destroy,

like Trotskyism and its permanent


you just blindly go on

expecting no solution.

saying `Something will turn up’,

like Micawber,

but no nuclear weapons please

or something equally


But who’s getting it together now

with a proper plan for the Middle East

that promises a definite way of life

with a startling IS feast,

that could cross the Mediterranean

one day

walking on a pontoon of heads,

planning our re-birth by


Wilson John Haire.