2014 05 – defending the National Health Service

Keep Our NHS Public organised an election meeting on Monday 28 April at the Camden Irish Centre, attended by candidates from the Labour Party, the Green Party and the National Health Action Party, on the topic, naturally enough, of the NHS.

Two local Councillors, one Tory one LibDem, were among the 30 odd present in the audience.  The Labour European candidate got the hardest time, as she couldn’t reply to those who told her that she was all very well, but they heard nothing from the leadership that reassured them that Labour would stand up for the existence of the NHS.

All candidates and many in the audience asking questions mentioned the Transatlantic Partnership as if it was a very well known issue, and greatly to be feared.

The overall impression gained from the meeting is that the attack on the NHS is so intense and so cleverly conducted it is likely to be successful.

The National Health Action Party is presenting candidates for the European elections.  There is nobody else to vote for.

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