2014 06 – It’s A Fact

It’s A Fact

The export of crude oil (thousand tonnes, (tt).) to Norway and Latin America from 2002 to 2013 was:


Year 2002–77

Year 2003–287tt

Year 2004–648tt

Year 2005–948tt

Year 2007–1,222tt

Year 2008–407tt

Year 2009–355tt

Year 2010–344tt

Year 2011–158tt

Year 2012–236tt

Year 2013–323tt

Latin America

Year 2002–Less than 5tt

Year 2003–Less than 5tt

Year 2004–Less than 5tt

Year 2005–Less than 5tt

Year 2006–Less than 5tt

Year 2007–Less than 5tt

Year 2008–Less than 5tt

Year 2009–824tt

Year 2010–751tt

Year 2011–672tt

Year 2012–274tt

Year 2013–1,017tt

Note: No exports of oil were recorded to Russia or the Middle East. Parliamentary Written Answer 1/5/14.


The export of gas (GigaWatthours (Gwh.)) to Norway from 2007 to 2013 was:

Year 2007–153GWh

Year 2008–389GWh

Year 2009–266GWh

Year 2010–158GWh

Year 2011–125Gwh

Year 2012–49GWh

Year 2013–20GWh

Note: There was no gas exported to Russia, Middle East and Latin America by the UK. PWA 1/5/14.


Crude oil imported into the UK from Russia, Norway, the Middle East and Latin America (thousand tonnes (tt.)) in each of the last two years was:


Year 2012–6,583tt

Year 2013–3,831tt


Year 2012–24,555tt

Year 2013–19,789tt

Middle East,

Year 2012–7,786tt

Year 2013–11,326tt

Latin America,

Year 2012–1,186tt

Year 2013–778tt

Note: Numbers for 2013 are provisional. PWA 1/5/14.


Gas imports into the UK from Russia, Norway, the Middle east and Latin America (GigaWatthours (Gwh)) in each of the last two years was:


Year 2012–0GWh

Year 2013–0GWh

Norwegian pipeline:

Year 2012–294,586GWh

Year 2013–305,516GWh

Norwegian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG):

Year 2012–1,709GWh

Year 2013–1,052GWh

Middle East LNG:

Year 2012–145,702GWh

Year 2013–98,966GWh

Latin America:

Year 2012–0GWh

Year 2013–0GWh

Note: Numbers for 2013 are provisional. PWA 1/5/14.


The number of actual physical attacks on staff within jobcentres in the UK over the last five years was:

Year 2009/10—339

Year 2010/11–331

Year 2011/12–465

Year 2012/13–669

Year 2013/14–634. PWA 6/5/14.


The number of working age disabled people seeking work in each of the last four years in Great Britain was:

Year 2010

Total seeking work–435,000


Inactive-Seeking work but currently unavailable–53,000

Year 2011

Total seeking work–442,000


Inactive-seeking work but currently unavailable–52,000

Year 2012

Total seeking work–473,000


Inactive-Seeking work but currently unavailable–58,000

Year 2013

Total seeking work–379,000


Inactive-seeking work but currently unavailable–46,000

Note: Estimates for 2013 should not be compared directly with earlier years due to a change in definitions. PWA 7/5/14.


The number of families (UK) in receipt of tax credits containing at least one member identified as self-employed between 2007/08 and 2011/12 was:

Year 2007/08–820,000

Year 2008/09–860,000

Year 2009/10–910,000

Year 2010/11–950,000

Year 2011/12–910,000. PWA 12/5/14.

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