2020 08 – Poems


  • During 1789/1799, in dear old Paris,
  •   you could lose your head.
  • In London 2020, I may embarrass,
  •   but many here have lost theirs,
  • it is said.
  •   Now the headless lead the headed
  •  in matters of race and sex,
  •   and they are winning the counter-culture
  • as those in charge whack
  •   the disagreeds, in fear, as cracks appear in the
  • sculptured.

J. Haire. 8th July, 2020


  • Checking my thoughts one day
  •   I thought I should be locked up
  • and displayed
  •   as one of the Corid-19.
  • As my thoughts kept rampaging
  •   I remembered a course called:
  • `Unconscious Bias Training.’
  • Racism, they tell me, seemed to be raging.
  •   It only lasts three hours and you have
  • a brand-new multi-racial brain.
  •   (If it’s good enough for Sir Keir Starmer
  •   then it’s got to be good enough for me)
  •  Later I thought: `Does my brain need
  •   a coup d’état hammer.
  • Nevertheless I went along.
  •   Much chanting and the beating of pious breasts,
  • and, it looked like an exclusive white club.
  •   But that’s what I have been fighting all my life,
  • Beelzebub.

J. Haire. 8th July, 2020.