10.1) More Ideas

Does the ‘Right Stuff’ exist?  Questioning the notion that highly successful people had some mysterious ‘X-plus’ that makes it ineviable that they will become Top People.

Why Trotksy’s politics achieved nothing solid.  Noting his clever observation that the Bolshevik / Menshevik split was between ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ politics, but is inability to derive useful politics from this.  And the interesting similarities and difference between him and Mao.

The Trotskyist Origins of the USA’s Neo-Cons.  And older versions such as James Burnham‘s The Managerial Revolution, which inspited Orwell’s 1984.

The Limited Light of the European Enlightenment.  The ways in which its aims were very different from what we have now.  And how modern science tells us that Nature rambles and the moon don’t care.

Contraditions In Human Nature Make ‘Rational Self-Interest’ Unworkable.  Even if people could be the ‘rational agents’ of Modernist thought, they’d still face the ‘Disagreement Between Anyone and Everyone’.

Market-Dominating Minorities Across the World.  Jews in Europe as just one example of a global pattern.

The World as a Global Night-Club.  Written in connection with the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.  But making the general point that ‘global society’ is much more like a night-club than a village.  People can see each other but mostly do not know each other.

Why I Call It a Global Night-Club.  Expanding the idea.

Bulstrode’s ProgressA study of a significant character from Middlemarch by Marianne Evans (George Elliot)

Sociocide.  How Liberalism and North-West European norms became global norms by all sorts of dubious and oppressive methods.

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