Magazines 013 to 024

Issue 13, September 1989.
The Building Industry, Education Reform, Criticising Britain’s Green Party.
Available as a PDF at LA013 September 1989

Issue 14, November 1989.
Debate with the Socialist Party of Great Britain on the 1945 Labour government, Thatcher and Gorbachev as Soulmates, Flux in the Europe that Stalin Made, People of the Black Mountains (Book Review),  How Modern Pagans Celebrate Christmas.
Available as a PDF at L14 November 1989.

Issue 15, January 1990.
Interview with John Prescott.
Details of Friedrich List, the German economist whose ideas were closer to reality than those of Adam Smith, and their expression in the German Customs Union (Zollverein).
Also Marxism as Religion.  Labour and Green issues.  The end of Soviet Autocracy (losing Middle-Europe).
Also available as a PDF, LA015 January 1990.

Issue 16, March 1990.
Interview with Jimmy Knapp, then the General Secretary of the National Union of Railwaymen.  Also the collapse of East European Leninism, and why British socialist should not be hostile to the monarchy.  And small pieces on the economic destructiveness of Thatcherism, on the use of gender-neutral language and the Fall of Ceausescu.  Also the wider Turkish world and a hopeful forecast that South Africa under Mandela would work.  Plus Climate Change needing urgent action and the British Literati bravely defending Rushdie over the Satanic Verses.
Available as a PDF at LA016 March1990.

Issue 17, May 1990
The Poll Tax Riot, Americanizing the Labour Party, Does Pornography Cause Violence?, Against Modernist Architecture, Evil in Return (causes of the Poll Tax riots), Letter on Frank Chapple and the Electricians Union Scandal of the 1950sMisunderstanding Stalin.
Available as a PDF at LA017 May 1990

Issue 18, July 1990
War Crimes Trials – Only for the DefeatedMorality and Modern Christian FailureIraq – a Crisis Before the Kuwait Invasion.  Parliamentary Democracy Downplayed in the Communist Manifesto.  Short items – Why US Electronics Succeeded, Racism in London and Review of a Biography of Bertrand Russell.
Available as a PDF at L018 July 1990

Issue 19, September 1990.
Interview with Barbara CastleIn Place of Strife was a lost opportunity.  This and refusing various other schemes paved the way for Thatcher.
Iraq – just after the Invasion of Kuwait.  Warning that Iraq could not be ruled except by someone just as brutal as Saddam Hussein.
H. G. Wells Vision of Benevolent Dictatorship.  And Warnings Against a Gulf War.
Available as a PDF at LA019 September 1990.

Issue 20, November 1990
Iraq and International LawMorality of a Gulf WarFull Employment – a lost ideal.  The IRA as criminals or warriors?  How Marx and Engels excluded Parliamentary Democracy from the Communist Manifesto.
Book Reviews: The 1930s Moscow TrialsChurchillThe US Teamsters UnionPoverty.
Small Items: The Politics of Britain’s Bonfire NightStar Trek begun again in 1990.
Available as a PDF at L20 November 1990.

Issue 21, January 1991
How John Major Almost Restored ConservatismSovereignty and a Single European CurrencyHow Thatcher Repeatedly Rewarded IRA ViolenceHow Thatcher boosted WelfarismForce-Labour Camps in 1930s BritainTories Claim a Classless SocietyAdam Smith Had Alien Social ValuesBlasphemy for Atheists? Why Bother?;  Poland With Lech Walesa as PresidentWarning Against a Gulf War.
Available as a PDF at L21 January 1991

Issue 22, March 1991
Interview with Jack JonesThe First Bad Gulf WarWar Without Law (History);  The USA Forced a War Over KuwaitSaudi Arabia Encouraged the Gulf WarHunter-gatherers in a world of machinesIraq Tricked Into Invading Kuwait.
Available as a PDF at L22 March1991.

Issue 23, May 1991.
Interview with Eric Heffer, considering Labour’s likely future.  The United Nations and the 1991 Gulf War – unjust but working just as its creators intended.  Gulf War Lies & Callousness to ArabsSicilian Godfathers in Fact and FilmThe Post-1956 Failure of Pro–Moscow Communism.
Available as a PDF at LA023 May 1991.

Issue 24, July 1991.
America’s unjust hegemonyTribute to Eric HefferA Misleading History of IrelandMao’s Achievements – success in two out of three ‘impossible tasks’.
Available as a PDF at LA024 July 1991.

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