50.1) More on Globalisation

The Internet as Secret Policeman’s Friend.  How internet links make it remarkably easy to trace a network of dissidents, including those who have not posted.

Yankee-Global Went To Prague.  The protests in 1999 and 2000 against globalisation.  Money and Gun-Power as the core of the system.

Ireland and SubAmericanisation.  The history of the Anglosphere, including English domination of Ireland.  And the reasons the British Empire fell.

Irrational rationalism.   Conor Cruise O’Brien book ‘On the Eve of the Millennium’ shows a basic confusion between rationality and establishment vanity. Wider problems of economic development and the roots of science are considered.

Half-Arsed Classlessness.  The limits of the Thatcher and New Labour idea.

Stakeholders.  The meaning of a new word.

Why I Call It a Global Night-Club.  Expanding the idea.

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