Thinking About Nixon

Richard Nixon

Most politicians have been remembering Richard Nixon’s political actions – Russia, China, Vietnam, racial integration. On the left he has been damned as a witch-hunter. We do not say one shouldn’t have been a Soviet agent in the US in the 50s. But if you were a Communist or fellow traveller then you surely were a Soviet agent. There were two honourable positions. One wanted a Soviet victory in the Cold War, the other wanted a US victory. The press has celebrated its victory over a crook, knowing full well that he was no more a crook than their favourite, Kennedy. Indeed the worst legacy of Watergate is the acquisition by the press of the harlot’s power it has been increasingly and capriciously exercising.


This small article appeared in May 1994, in Issue 41 of Labour and Trade Union Review, now Labour Affairs.  You can find more from the era at and