45.1) More on Fascism & the World Wars

Ukraine – Kiev’s Five Day War Machine.  What actually happened after rioters chased out the elected President.  How they alienated the large minority who were not hostile to the Soviet past, and made the Russian-backed secession of Crimea almost inevitable.  And the strong fascist connections.

Lord Haw-Haw and Holocaust Denial.  The dangers of applying legal punishments to expressions of political or historical opinion.

Peace at Brest-Litovsk and Versailles.  Germany in March 1918 reduced the new Soviet Union to its Great-Russian core. Other nationalities including the Ukraine were to get their own states, on much the same lines as when the Soviet Union finally dissolved in 1991. In terms of ethnic self-determination, it wasn’t that unfair.   But at Versailles, Germany was stripped of territories that had an ethnic-German majority.  Notably Danzig, the Polish Corridor and the Sudetenland in the new state of Czechoslovakia.

Why Churchill Admired Mussolini.  The matters left out by most of his biographers.

How Churchill was Close to Fascism.  He developed similar ideas, and his opposition to Hitler was based just on fear of Germany becoming stronger than the British Empire.

The British Empire, the USA and Hitler.  How it was almost by accident that the Anglos became Hitler’s foes

Why the Left lost the Spanish Civil War.  Mostly concerned with the popular view that credits George Orwell and POUM and downplays the achievement of the Communist Movement.

Orwell on Spain and Britain.  George Orwell was part of Britain’s 20th century mistake.  His vision of socialism would have been an improved British Empire using socialist ideology. He never read much history or economics.  He was frequently wrong and sometimes dishonest.

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