20) History

The Seven Months War of 1914.  (How the Great War Might Have Gone Otherwise).

Civilisation Alley.  Globalism before European Imperialism, considered as a broad band of advanced cultures from North-West Europe to South India, plus the sophisticated and diverse cultures of East Asia.

Crusaders and Other Barbarians.  How Europe was remade between the fall of the Roman Empire and the development of Puritanism.

Why The Ming Sea Voyages Led To Nothing. Chinese ships were better than those that Columbus used to discover the New World.  So why did the venture lead nowhere?

How the British Empire Blighted Britain.  Large parts of the British Isles are depopulated while wealth flows to London as a Global City.

British Democracy Began in 1884, at the earliest.  The USA was not much better, maintaining racism into the 1960s.

Nation States were NOT invented by the Peace of Westphalia, which merely left Germany in a fragmented state.  Nation states existed long before that.  The idea came from university Departments of Political Science, and is not supported by any historians I’ve come across.

Mary Tudor and Elizabeth – almost a beautiful story.  How history might have been very different had Mary had a son and heir to carry on a Tudor Catholic line.  If there was a destiny that shaped Great Britain’s rise, then it wasn’t a destiny that cared anything for Christianity in either its Protestant or Roman Catholic versions.

England’s Christian Revolution.  The rival British Christianities of the 17th Century, and their relationship to the British Wars (“English Civil War”).

Burke – a British and Irish Deist.  A man who founded 19th century Toryism, but was a Whig.  And a disbeliver in an era before this could be said openly.

Wordsworth on Guerilla Warfare.  Mostly known nowadays for his poetry, Wordsworth showed a lot of political insight, though opting for a version of conservatism that was almost extinct even before Thatcher destroyed Old Toryism.  But this former radical showed a very early understanding of a new type of warfare that had begun in Spain.

Celtic, Germanic, Multicultural.  The relationships between the peoples of North-West Europe.  And remarks on their current religious beliefs.

Achilles, Westphalia and Iraq.  A review of Philip Bobbitt’s The Shield Of Achilles, written after the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

History: the end of Fukuyama.   A review of his 2006 book, After the Neo-Cons.

Ireland and SubAmericanisation.  The history of the Anglosphere, including English domination of Ireland.  And the reasons the British Empire fell.

Economical With The Irish.  How a noted British magazine like The Economist can feel comfortable about the vast number of avoidable Irish deaths in the mid-19th century Potato Famine.

How Tibet Emerged Within China.   The complex history, which involved Tang Chinese, Mongols and Manchu, but always within the context of the Chinese state and the power-struggles of those who wished to rule it.

Slavery in the British Empire.   Slavery of a very modern and commercial sort was closely associated with the rise of Britain as a world power, and the rise of the USA as a British offshoot

Why the Left lost the Spanish Civil War.  Mostly concerned with the popular view that credits George Orwell and POUM and downplays the achievement of the Communist Movement.

Sociocide.  How Liberalism and North-West European norms became global norms by all sorts of dubious and oppressive methods.

China under Mao – a period of great advance, when the economy tripped and life expectancy increased markedly.   Also available as a PDF, Problems 17-18 – China’s Maoist Foundations

The Diverse Forms of Democracy – much wider than the Western system.

How John Stewart Mill twisted the idea of liberty.

Minterism: an English Vanity.  One of the worst features of the society, displayed by a character in one of H. G. Wells’s mainstream novels.

Orwell Looking Down on British Workers.  How he creates a false impression by leaving out things he’d seen when writing The Road to Wigan Pier.  And was a fairly average colonial racist in Shooting an Elephant.

From two magazines, Problems and Labour AffairsTo subscribe, see the Athol Books website.

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