2014 01 – Letter about Alex Sayle

Have you noticed the antics of Alex Sayle on UK TV recently – a former communist, former radical comedian, former novelist, a broken-down-looking Father Christmas with his white beard he rants and raves, sneers, laughs cynically about his hard-working Jewish parents being communists during his boyhood – those laughable trips to communist-controlled Czechoslovakia and other East European countries. He rocks with rage while his poor old mother – I believe to be in her 90s – watches him on the Box. He refer to her by her first name and castigates her for taking him away from the joys of Blackpool and into the beautiful city of Prague, he missed his fish-and-chips and the turd-strewn sea, the half-starved donkeys on the beach and the kiss-me-quickly-hats. I wonder if these rantings will revive his many failed careers while he also beats that well-worn Cold War path to Stalin and Mao’s doors to accuse them of mass-murder. Or is the media becoming the comedian, laughing at him, while he becomes the audience?

Wilson John Haire

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