Hitler’s Fondness For Croats

Croats as Hitler’s People

by Gwydion M. Williams

Posting old magazines from 1993, I was reminded of how far the Croats had been pro-Nazi in World War Two.  How this explains Serb attitudes toward them:

Croatians had massacred Serbs within living memory, and were using the very symbols of the Croat fascist government which had done the massacring. Had there been a large-scale pro-Croat intervention, people might have remembered what Hitler had to say about the matter:

“If the Croats were part of the Reich, we’d have them serving as faithful auxiliaries of the German Fuehrer, to police our marshes. Whatever happens, one shouldn’t treat them as Italy is doing at present. The Croats are a proud people. They should be bound directly to the Fuehrer by an oath of loyalty. Like that, one could rely on them absolutely. When I have Kvaternick standing in front of me, I behold the very type of the Croat as I’ve always known him, unshakeable in his friendships, a man whose oath is eternally binding. The Croats are very keen on not being regarded as Slavs. According to them, they’re descended from the Goths. The fact that they speak a Slav language is only an accident, they say.” (Hitler’s Table Talk, 29th October 1941).

Mysteriously, both the Serbs and their Western supporters made much too little of this.

This appeared in an article entitled But is it Civilisation?

My position was never pro-Serb or anti-Croat.  I had criticised the Serbs for their actions in Kosovo in 1987:

But I noted the lack of any honesty or morality in what the West was doing.