Jews Suffering in the Fall of the British Empire

Problems 29: Jews as ‘Collateral Damage’ in the Fall of the British Empire.  Part One: Britain’s Exterminating Sea Empire

  • How Modern Genocide was invented by European Imperialism, long before Hitler applied it to European Jews
  • How Imperialism mostly accepted Jews as part of the White Master Race, though often viewed as suspicious and unreliable
  • How Sea-Empires are very different from other Empires
  • Why the British Empire could only dominate the world if Continental Europe kept weakening itself through major wars
  • How the British Ruling Class viewed Hitler as both useful and threatening: but more useful up until his annexation of what’s now the Czech Republic


“Their elimination  from the earth’s surface can be viewed only with satisfaction, as the removal of a great blot from the escutcheon of our common humanity, by all those who know them as they are, and are not to be misled by the maudlin philanthropy of their friends.”

Adolph Hitler on the Jews?  No, 19th century champion of Darwinism Thomas Huxley on the Australian Aboriginals.  I reworded it slightly, to make it fit one group of suffering humans rather than another.  I give the full quote later on.

No proper understanding of either Zionism or anti-Semitism is possible if you think of these as unique beliefs arising for baffling reasons.  It is wrong to suppose that either are due to some Jewish uniqueness.  To me, it has always seemed obvious that these were typical instances of global human behaviour.  Desires that often run into foolishness, wickedness and ‘ethnic cleansing’.

Racism isn’t necessarily anti-Jewish, and nor is Fascism.  The roots lie in the wrong turning that the expanding British Empire took in the early 19th century.  For while Racism is an older sentiment that Universalism, the remarkable growth of White Racism in the 19th century was led and encouraged by the British Empire.

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