10.2) Further Ideas

My father Raymond Williams.  Mostly setting his ideas in what I see as their proper context.
Raymond Williams in World War Two.  More details, based on a biography.

Plato, St Augustine and the Counter-Enlightenment.  A look at Western religious ideas, including Pascal and the Jesuits.  The odd fact that the Jesuits had the most honest position in the theological dispute in which Pascal popularised the idea of Jesuitry.

Evil Armed and Evil Disarmed.  How to prevent school massacres.  The desirability of preventing gun ownership.

Iraq: The First Nine Days.  Observations written at the start of April 2003.  Mostly reflections on the significance of the war, rather than a timetable of events.

Classes in Britain in 2011.   Work has changed, and so have the groups once classified as Working Class.  But this is far from hopeless for socialists, if they will adjust to the changing world.

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