2014 02 – Real Jobs

When there were real jobsJobs People Could Get in 1979


In 1979 the Oldham Evening Chronicle was still carrying three pages of advertisements for real jobs in the industrial sector. That was the year Margaret Thatcher came to power and put Britain on a new course. The industrial sector was deliberately run down in favour of finance capital with the object of breaking the power of the Trade Unions.  Nowadays, the area is depressed and the paper might carry two or three job advertisements. Thirty six years on large tracts of the UK remain without any meaningful economic activity and have fallen into long term decay. This is the result, not only of Thatcher’s desire to break the power of the unions, but also of the union’s failure to defeat her and save Britain’s traditional industries, which she and her government helped to destroy. The young people of Oldham and many other cities around Britain are paying the price today in terms of blighted prospects.


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