Magazines 025 to 036

Issue 25 – September 1991.
The Soviet CollapseInterview with Bill MorrisTrade Unions – Industrial DemocracyGreen Policies for LabourStudent Politics in Britain (1 of 3).  The Irish Labour PartyNeglect of the Mentally IllSerbs and Croats – who was anti-Nazi?  Making peace in South Africa.
Available as a PDF at LA025 – September 1991.

Issue 26 – November 1991.
Jack Jones on Ernest BevinStudent Politics (2 of 3).   Black Sections in the Labour PartyEric HefferThe USA’s New World OrderSerbs in 1991 Allowed to Crush Albanian Kosovo.
Available as a PDF at LA026 – November 1991

Issue 27 – January 1992.
British Government Under John Major Disrupts the European UnionThe novel ‘How Green Was My Valley’‘Marxist Today’ smugly winds itself up amidst the ruins of left-wing politics.
Available as a PDF at LA027 – January 1992.

Issue 28 – March 1992.  Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy.   How Charles Haughey Transformed Ireland.
Available as a PDF at LA028 – March 1992.

Issue 29 – May 1992.
Labour and the UnionsWas Modern Industry a MistakeStudent Politics Remade the Left(3 of 3).  Labour Needs a Working Class Section.
Available as a PDF at LA029 May 1992

Issue 30 – July 1992.
Kier Hardy – Labour’s First MP.  ‘Bomber’ Harris in 1920s IraqKleptocracy in Yeltsin’s Russia.  Russia past and present (in 1992).  When Marxism Was Made Fashionable  (comment by Brendan Clifford).  Darwinism – a Creed Needing CorrectionFootball as Culture.
Available as a PDF at LA030 – July 1992

Issue 31 – September 1992.
Churchill and Yugoslavia, British Imperialism and Iraq, Meeting the demand for Housing, History and the TGWUThe European Union and Sound Money.
Available as a PDF at Labour and Trade Union Review 31 – Sept 1992.
Issue 31 newly added, February 2020

Issue 32 – November 1992
British Citizens or UK Customers; Adam Smith Opposed the American Revolution; Haig’s Command (Incompetent British generalship World War I).
Available as a PDF at LA032 – November 1992

Issue 33 – January 1993.
Secession – Different Rules Applied in YugoslaviaIraq and The West (in 1993).  Litigation as the enemy of WelfareLost Chances in the English Civil War. British balance-of-power games. Workers Control in Germany (in 1993).
Available as a PDF at LA033 – January 1993

Issue 34 – March 1993.
Adam Smith Undermining Social Values. Socialism & Society By Ramsay MacDonald (1). Rejecting the ‘New World Order’ (in 1993).  Hitler’s Fondness For Croats.
Available as a PDF at LA034 – March 1993.

Issue 35 – May 1993.
Britain and Yugoslavia (Bosnia) in 1993, Adam Smith and Fragmented Work, Italy & the British Press in 1993, Yeltsin Becoming Dictatorial in Russia (1993), Ramsay MacDonald: Socialism & Society (2), Bad NHS Reforms (in 1993), The Illogic of English Spelling.
Available as a PDF at LA035 – May 1993

Issue 36 – July 1993.
Trade Unions – A Link with Reality for Labour. Edmund Burke as Deist. Report from Lithuania (1). William Morris On What Life Might Be.   ‘Falling Down!’ – a Film About US Failure.
Available as a PDF at LA036 – July 1993.