Labour Affairs – December 2018 Updates

December Editorial: Back To The EU Cap In Hand
Facing defeat, Theresa May pulled the plug at the eleventh hour on MPs meaningful vote on her Brexit deal..

From October 2018:  Parliamentary Notes but no Froggy this month.  Also Notes on the News: New Labour – the Timid Tendency Fades, Hurricanes – Abnormal is the New Normal, Times Are Changing, The Chinese Example, No, There Is No International Law, Sport Polluted By Money, Racism in Sweden, Snippets , Wider Anti-Semitism Acknowledged?, Dangers of Alcohol, Brexit.

Also everything for December 2017: Editorial: Faint-Hearted Phil (Tory Budget); Parliament And World War One (USA and Russia); FroggyNotes on the News; Letter from New Zealand; Walter Citrine in the Soviet Union in 1925. Part 1; Feed-the Rich in Haringey (new housing); Diary of a Corbyn foot soldier; Parliamentary Notes; Listening to Italy; Shoe Horn (poem).  Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 283 December 2017


Hitler, the 13th Chancellor

Problems 30: Jews as ‘Collateral Damage’ in the Fall of the British Empire.
Part Two: The 13th Chancellor

  • The British government could have contained Hitler without a World War, but acted mainly from selfish power-political calculations.
  • The British ruling class were indifferent to the fate of German Jews
  • Karl Lueger – Moderate Antisemitism as the root of Christian Democracy
  • Why many Italian Jews supported Mussolini’s Fascism
  • The ‘Protocols of Zion’ were boosted by Henry Ford and by the London Times

Also available as a PDF, Problems 30 – the 13th Chancellor