2017 12 – poem


  • She asked for political asylum.
  • Harrods was the first place that came to mind.
  •   Guided there by an English gent, so kind.
  •   He trades in guns including the dum-dum.
  • She had been on the run from various malls,
  • having tried on too many costly shoes
  •   and in not fitting she threatened to sue.
  •   After the rows she began to make calls.
  • There had to be reconciliation.
  • Jeddah promised a two-billion-pound deal,
  •   F-35s for every occasion.
  •   The Yemen needs put back before the wheel.
  • Nothing like cordite to seal relations.
  • Lover, I’m home!… with Jimmy Choo well heeled.

Wilson John Haire.