A Multiverse Excursion

In his non-fiction book Wizardry and Wild Romance, Michael Moorcock critisises fantasy writer Lord Dunsany for having names that sound like a railway journey.  It occurred to me that this could be done to lots of writers, including Moorcock.  This was the result:

A trip along the railway

With torturer and sleazy fey

(Past peasants full of resignation

And no ideas above their station);

With Jerry, full of gloom and ire,

Gloriana’s unholy Quire;

Un-grey Dorian, Corum true,

Erekose, Elric – Eric too?

To Tanelorn, where shadows leak

(For Melnebone, change Mervyn Peake)

Being but a single person

They can get a Cheap Excursion!

This is taken from a much longer essay about Michael Moorcock, his criticisms of Tolkien and the question of fantasy in general.

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