My Own Science Fiction

Young Homer Changes the Songs of Troy.  An old bard has an old version of the Trojan War.  He complains about how his former pupil is rewriting it.

One Walked To War.  Centuries in the future, a space settlement has become mediaeval.  One good-natured but dangerous soldier tells his own small story.

Very Short Stories – less than 500 words each.

Short Stories – less than 1000 words each.

Alternate History – The Seven Months War of 1914

Tales of the Homestars

Some loosely-connected stories in a single imagined future.

Three stand-alone chapters from an unfinished novel called Kind Hearts and Cold Equations.

Einstein and the Official Christmas Day.  Short story.  The complications of time dilation and of having a father who dies centuries ago.

The Ashes Of My Brief Existence.  A teenage delinquent knows that she must die, that others may live.

Three more stand-alone chapters from another stand-alone novel, this one called Robotka: Fallen From Heaven.  Robotkas are artificial people who look just like human women, and often feel the same, except they have been raised to view themselves as much inferior.

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