90.3) My Humour

Comic Prose

What to do with non-BBC Accents.  Showing how Standard English would appear if it were written phonetically, in the way some writers do for foreign or lower-class accents.

Black Hawk Down Snow Dogs.  How listings of films can generate apparent sentences.  What it says about “memes”.

Coral alarm dwarfs pact to cut gases.  How headlines can get an unwanted double meaning.

Comic Verse

A Multiverse Excursion.  Based on some of Michael Moorcock’s characters.


Comic Subtitle errors: – up to 20102011, 2012, 2013, 20142008_12_05_DSC02191 triffids

Dancing on Country House Death Race – where TV listings seem to make up a sentence.  2013_01_110002

General Humour – to 20092010_01_wk2_DSC08807, start of 2011, rest of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Bad English found in China, and other Chinese things I found funnyHousekeeper.

Japanese graphics, some quite humourous.  A_Jap1 A_Jap2  And from Singapore, Australia and New ZealandAt_Eclipse A_star


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