Magazines 037 to 048 – In Progress

Issue 37 – September 1993
Report from Lithuania (2).    Adam Smith Misunderstanding State Power.   Letter to the editor about Ramsay MacDonald, plus Reply.
Available as a PDF at LA037 – September 1993.

Issue 38 – November 1993. 
The IRA as the most British thing in Ireland.    Incomes Policy.   Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand.   Defending the Right to Silence.   Feminists Against Equality?
Available as a PDF at LA038 – November 1993.

Issue 39 – January 1994.
Russia : The Incompetent Capitalist Revolution.    Weaknesses of the “Voluntary” Sector.    Fascism & Social Nationalism.    Crime and Morality.
Available as a PDF at LA039 – January 1994.

Issue 40 – to be scanned.

Issue 41 – May 1994. 
Editorial – From D-Day to Bosnia, Fidel Castro, Paul Foot on Pit Closures, Memories of Palme Dutt, Major’s notion of ‘Back to Basics’, How left-wing errors paved the way for Thatcher.
From Newsnotes: Tory lack of a good leader after Major, C S Lewis as hypocrite, Memories of the Opium WarsBosnian Serbs Provoked.
Plus a separate short comment on Nixon.
Available as a PDF at LA41 – May 1994

Issue 42 – to be scanned.

Issue 43 – to be scanned.

Issue 44 – to be scanned.

Issue 45 –January 1995.
The Origins of Clause 4Common OwnershipLabour Party Policies from 1918.
Available as a PDF at LA45 – January 1995.

Issue 46 – to be scanned.

Issue 47 – to be scanned.