P) 1987 to 1995

What we were saying 30 years ago

Articles By Topic from 1987

Our magazine began January 1987 as ‘Labour & Trade Union Review’.  September 2019 saw the 300th issue.
What we said three decades ago has withstood the test of time.
We opposed Thatcherism, but also opposed the naïve leftism of the era.  We had earlier supported Workers Control and the ideas of Barbara Castle.
We were scornful of Gorbachev, and doubtful about the New Order that replaced it.
We said that the whole campaign against Saddam’s Iraq was an error.

  • Issues 1 to 12 – January 1987 to July 1989.  Sceptical of Gorbachev.  Anticipating that People’s China was not about to collapse.  The Fate of Iran.  The West saving Saddam when his war against Iran failed.
  • Issues 13 to 24 – September 1989 to July 1991.  Covering the unexpected Soviet collapse.  Strongly against the Gulf War.
  • Issues 25 to 36 – 01 September 1991 to July 1993.
  • Issues 37 to 48 – from September 1993.  WORK IN PROGRESS!
  • Newsnotes continuously from 1987.
  • Our 1980s policy statement.
  • What Is Placed, and Why.