2016 03 – Family Poverty

Enough: Our responsibility to meet families’ needs is a report by several British Churches on the British government bad response to poverty:

“The Welfare Reform and Work Bill will make poor people poorer. This will happen through a large reduction in benefits. The government has not assessed how families will be able to cope on incomes that are greatly reduced. The hardship caused is likely to be substantial.

“The aim of the Bill is to change people’s behaviour by reducing their income, but there is little evidence it will have the intended effect. Instead it is predicted to cause substantial hardship among low income families.

“No child should be left without enough to live on in order to motivate their parents. If children live in a family which doesn’t have enough money they are more likely to die young, do worse at school, and experience worse health.”

Available free at http://www.jointpublicissues.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/enough-report.pdf.  Or here, Report on Poverty.