2003 Newsnotes

Comments I have made in a magazine called Labour & Trade Union Review, now Labour Affairs.

2003: January,

  • So Solid Cruse Missiles;
  • Please murder the journalists (this is a joke);
  • Roy Jenkins: Mindless Moderation;
  • Iraq: guilty even if found innocent [Planned invasion of Iraq].


  • Blowing In The Wind [Depleted uranium];
  • No-law zones [The ‘War Against Terror’];
  • Bloody but Green?;
  • War – a cost / benefit analysis;
  • Bury the truth at My Lai [Vietnam War];
  • Licit Death [Tobacco].


  • Rumsfeld Rewards Terrorism;
  • Murky Politics [War in Iraq];
  • The UN-forgiven? [New World Order];
  • Euro Visions [Eurovision Song Contest];
  • Baghdad Crunch;
  • Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam,;
  • The Matrix: Marketable Rebelliousness.


  • Half Of The World.;
  • Loathing and Offensiveness In Mesopotamia;
  • Kill Iraqis, not foxes?;
  • Affirmative action [US Racism];
  • Harry Potter and Tolkien;
  • Britannia Opposes The Waves! [British History]


  • Reaping the whirlwind [Iraq ‘Peacekeeping’];
  • A few biased men [Guantanamo Bay detention camp];
  • Laundered Law [Money Laundering];
  • California dreaming [Recall for the Governor];
  • The Importance Of Being Infallible [Death of David Kelly];
  • Some very old news [An ancient exoplanet].


  • Chemical Ali and Bloody Basra;
  • UN-forgivable [Iraq ‘Peacekeeping’];
  • A butcher’s double [Islamists Rising];
  • UN-ethical [New World Order];
  • Fires Of Babylon [Kelly Inquiry];
  • Lovely weather for snakes [Market Forces and the US Grid];
  • Painted Apes [Human Nature].


  • Two Black Hawks and a Chinook;
  • Save A Soldier, Kill A Child [Cluster Bombs];
  • Iraq, the never-ending story;
  • Democracy: Iraq Says No;
  • Ghost Stories [Pro-Saddam Demonstration in Iraq];
  • McIslam and Normal Islam;
  • Fragging By Proxy? [Iraq War];
  • Third Way Ends Sadly [Non-Muslims in Iraq];
  • Thieves robbed! Shock Horror in Western Eyes [Putin and Yukos];
  • Rational Economics [Inequality in the USA];
  • The New Space Race [Chinese Space Program];
  • Harry Plotter & the Quietly Ignorant Troll [Tory Leader Iain Duncan Smith].


  • Asses kick Americans;
  • My Country Wrong & Deserving Defeat [Britain’s Wars];
  • Kill Ratios [Iraq War];
  • Turkey: Slaughtering Secularism.

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