1998 and 1999 Newsnotes

Comments made in a magazine called Labour & Trade Union Review, now Labour Affairs.

1998: December:

  • Liberal Autocracy In Russia;
  • Sound-bitten politics;
  • Get-poor-quick;
  • Microsoft – Big Bill Knows Better Than You.;
  • Internet news.

1999: January:

  • Monica’s War – the Baghdad Front;
  • – the Washington Front;
  • – the Home Front [Britain];
  • Glad to be Gladstonian?;
  • Another oddity [Caxton didn’t invent printing];
  • New Toryism – Fear the Future, Hate the Past?


  1. New Labour, Hard Labour?;
  2. Hague remains vague, posh;
  3. Gitec – who pays? [Chinese bank];
  4. Euro Sleaze? [Damaging the European Union].


  • Rivers of Bloody-Mindedness [Race and Police in Britain];
  • Legal convolutions [Stephen Lawrence case];
  • America isn’t working [US Race Relations];
  • Selective Holocaust memories


  • The War of the Kosovo Secession;
  • New World Chaos;
  • General Custer, Ethnic Cleanser;
  • Testing times [Kosovo];
  • Boss of Benevolence [New World Order];
  • Justice for All [US Legal Privilege];
  • Land of the Free [Odd laws about sex in the USA];
  • Good Muslims [Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia].


  • East Atlantic Blues;
  • Clinton – low crimes and misdemeanours;
  • Saving Private Ryan;
  • Russia – asset stripers;
  • Serbian shadowboxing.

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