2006 Newsnotes

Comments I have made in a magazine called Labour & Trade Union Review, now Labour Affairs.

2006: March

  • Cartoons and Satanic Verses [Muhammad Cartoons];
  • The spirit of Voltaire [He did not like democracy];
  • Lords Of Muck & Misrule [Press Freedom];
  • The rise and rise of the Wikipedia


  • China ignores the USA.
  • Iran – casting trouble on oily waters
  • Thou shalt sell sex, but pretend otherwise
  • Allah Wants You (no one else does)
  • Hat-Trick in Former Yugoslavia


  • It really is Nepaling… [Global Events]
  • Merkel on China
  • Mao’s legacy
  • USA – land of Impure Puritans
  • Gas Without Frontiers
  • Born to be Sick! [US Health]
  • Straws In The Wind
  • Tangled ancestry


  • The New Backwoodsmen and the Nat-West Three
  • World-Wide Web: US Spider
  • Railways in China’s Wild West [Railway to Lhasa]
  • Up-Market China
  • Russia Aggressively Occupied By Russians [Putin and Solzhenitsyn]
  • Bush of Mesopotamia, Blair of Afghanistan
  • Cursing Canaan [Gaza Crisis]
  • Fear and loathing in West Lothian [Scottish Independence]
  • Bad Sports [Football Commentators]


  • Israeli Terrorism and Hezbollah Mobile Warfare
  • Normal Bombers [Israel]
  • Oil slicks
  • Yasukuni Shrine: it is criminal [Japanese War Guilt]
  • International Cowboy Jurisprudence [Tibet]
  • Snow Dwarf and the Eight Planets [Pluto downgraded]


  • The Pope of Europe [Benedict XVI]
  • What Islam did for Europe
  • Thai coup
  • Korean bombs & Japanese politics
  • Life-Rage [Guns in the USA]
  • Honey, I’m Honeycombed [Gays in the US Republicans]
  • Lucy’s Aunt [Ape-Human Fossils]



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