2007 Newsnotes

Comments I have made in a magazine called Labour & Trade Union Review, now Labour Affairs.

2007: February

  • If they’d lynched Pinochet for Christmas… [Execution of Saddam Hussein];
  • Nuremberg: Good Vengeance, Bad Law;
  • Join the army and fight the police! [Iraq];
  • Poland: Look Back With Malice;
  • Double Your Money (if you’re already powerful) [Executive Pay];
  • China and inequality;
  • Tibet: a land where trees once grew;
  • Big fierce animals are losers


  • British Children – The Cheapest In Europe!;
  • Anglo-Saxon Locusts [Styles in capitalism];
  • Shoot-em-up (game over) [London Shootings];
  • Blue-On-Blue Blues [Gulf War ‘Friendly Fire’];
  • Litvinenko suspects: far from Putin;
  • Sauce for the eagle, sauce for the panda [China Space Weapons];
  • The silence of the bells [Fall of Bell Labs in the USA];
  • Yobs of Jade, Hindus of Steel [Indian Economy];
  • Listian futures, Iraqi Surges


  • Turks Repelled By Europe;
  • Yeltsin – mourned everywhere except Russia;
  • China’s Splendid ‘Crony Capitalism’;
  • Democracy: the Sinatra Principle [USA and Serbia];
  • British Foreigners [Alleged Muslim Bombers];
  • Watch this space [Exoplanets];
  • Less evolved than chimps [DNA studies]


  • Going To The Dogs Of War [Mercenaries and Iraq];
  • Too rich to pay tax;
  • Rich Brits Get Richer In China;
  • Stand by your Wolfowitz [USA in Iraq];
  • Two Holocausts Per Decade [Road Accidents];
  • British Bliaring Corporation [Internet Censorship]


  • Canada’s Gigantic Carbon Footprints;
  • Many tiny footprints: China’s pollution;
  • Manufacturing: world heading towards normality;
  • Peace on Earth, Far From the USA;
  • Gaza: elected leaders oust gun-thugs;
  • Knight Blasphemer [Insults to Muslims]


  • The Case of the Unarmed Assassin [Berezovsky Case];
  • Putin and Solzhenitsyn;
  • October 1987: when capitalism nearly died;
  • Afghanistan: the Ministry of Silly Goose-steps;
  • Mercenaries in Iraq: Can Fight, Won’t Win;
  • Boy Scouts: Lambs to the slaughter [World War One];
  • Pope looks to the future [China];
  • Imaginary Democracies [Electoral Franchises];
  • Whither the weather?;
  • Galaxies far far away [Galaxy Zoo]


  • Telling Lies About British Wars;
  • Friends of Satan & George Bush [Iraq and Yazidis];
  • Pick a ninny as Mayor of London [Boris Johnson];
  • City of Godlike Yobs [Gangs in Brazil and Britain];
  • Killers just outside your front door [Road Safety];
  • Alan Greenspan and the Market of Doom;
  • Mad markets or bad markets?


  • Myanmar: it’s not Burma;
  • Smile – it’s the Internet Secret Police;
  • Instant Ready-Mix Democracy;
  • Democracy, but not as we knew it [Britain’s Past];
  • For the USA, the world is not enough;
  • Twilight of the USA [Developing Financial Crisis];
  • Inheritance tax and frightened fools;
  • China’s Shadow [Tibet and Trade];
  • Monies of the Apes [Chimps Show ‘Economic Rationality’];
  • [Flores Hobbits];
  • [Humans As Starch-Eaters]


  • No Democracy Without Antagonism?;
  • How dare you speak such truths? [Hong Kong];
  • Poles being Polish;
  • Russians being Russian.;
  • Black South Africans Being Disobedient [Re-electing the ANC];
  • Finance ‘out of control’, accidentally makes billions for wide-boy operators.;
  • Mysteries of the asset price;
  • Paying for what you value [Climate Change];
  • Britain’s achievements in Iraq;
  • Chinese dynasties
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