Labour Affairs – June 2018 Updates

Latest update.  June Editorial: The Resignation of Ken Livingstone.

From April 2018: News from France (Froggy), and Parliamentary Notes.
Also Notes on the News: Time On Our Side, You Don’t Need a Gay Indian-Irishman To Know Which Way the Wind Blows, Ambiguous Leftism in the Czech Republic, More Old Hatreds Revive, Jews, Seals and Antisemites, Gaddafi the Second?, Don’t worry, be Finland, Money Fit for Crooks, Remembering Stephen Hawking.

Also everything for June 2017: Editorial: Corbyn’s Comeback; Parliament And World War One; FroggyNotes on the News; Diary of a Corbyn foot soldier (No 11); Corbyn’s speech on Foreign Policy; David Morrison on Corbyn and Foreign Policy; Awed by Amazing Twentieth; Listening to Italy; Poems: A New Low, Taking A Rise Out Of Him, The Sacrificial.  Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 278 – June 2017



Latest Editorial plus May 2014 magazine

Editorial: Cameron has won an election and lost the Union, ignoring something that has existed since 1707.  That’s conservatism?

Also what we were saying this time last year, May 2014.

Editorial: What Price SovereigntyThe threat of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Meeting about the National Health Service,

Parliament and World War One: Germany and Belgium,

Bringing On World War Three (poem),

Issues in the London Underground Dispute,


Notes on the News,

Listening to Italy,

Parliamentary Notes,

It’s a Fact.

Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 247 – May 2014

New magazines for April

April 2015: Will this be the Last British Election?  The Scottish Nationalist are offering mild social-democracy of the sort the British Labour Party has abandoned.

April 2014: Editorial: Parliament’s Willingly Deceived, the United States wants NATO and the EU right up against Russia’s borders. Kosovo and Crimea: the West’s Double Standard, Poem, Notes on the News, Glorifying World War One, Parliament and World War One: Heading Towards War, Tory Pension Policies, Workers on Company Boards, Bob Crow: A Tribute, The Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union, Froggy, Parliamentary Notes, It’s a Fact.