2019 03 – Letter on Education

Letter to Rebecca Long-Bailey MP and Angela Rayner MP

Dear Rebecca and Angela,

I am a Labour Party member and a contributor to the  monthly journal ‘Labour Affairs’.

The editor, Dick Barry is copied in to this mail.

I’m currently writing a series of articles for ‘Labour Affairs’ on the subject of Labour’s education policies. The subject, as you both know, is very complex and each aspect of education has implications for the other aspects. This is why several articles are needed to do justice to the topic. Education is also profoundly connected to economic and business policy, which is why I am writing to you both.

The articles are framed as an open letter so as to encourage debate about education policy on the left unencumbered by taboos and sacred cows. Otherwise we shall not make progress with these issues. The first article will be published in our March edition. Dick will send you complimentary copies of the magazine while the series lasts.

I hope that you will find the letter and its sequels thought provoking and a stimulus to further thinking by the party, whether you agree with all the contents or not.


Chris Winch


(This should have appeared last month, along with the first part of the letter.  It was accidentally omitted.)