October 2015 magazine

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Editorial: All Shook Up?

Corbyn has resurrected Labour as the Party of the people, reaching out to those who had given up on it as their natural party. He has rejuvenated Labour, attracting thousands of young voters alienated by the politics of Blair’s New Labour and Cameron’s rich Bullingdon Club aristocrats.

Also: Parliament And World War One Winston Churchill on planning the War, Jeremy Corbyn and the leaving of NATO, Notes on the News, Froggy,  The Chartered Institute for Personnel Development, Press releases on industrial relations by Whitehall and Edinburgh, Parliamentary Notes, Listening to Italy, Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible (poem) Strident (poem), What Is Sauce (poem)

And now available on-line

October 2014: Editorial: The Scottish ReferendumThe West Lothian Question, Parliament And World War One, In Situ (poem), Froggy, Notes on the News, Listening to Italy, Parliamentary Notes, It’s a Fact. Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 251 – October 2014


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