April and May 2016 update.

May 2016: Editorial: Steel – A Tale of Two Countries.  Parliament And World War One: Trade Unions and Peace Proposals.  Statement on ‘Labour’s problem with antisemitism’ from the Jewish Socialists’ Group.  Notes on the News.  Froggy.  Hillsborough; They Never Walked Alone.  The European Union Referendum Revisited.  Diary of a Corbyn foot-soldier.   Parliament Notes: Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion.  Carles Clarke accusing Corbyn.  Listening to Italy by Orecchiette.

April 2016: Editorial: The Nationalisation and Privatisation of English Education.  Editorial 2: Beware The IDS Of March.  Parliament And World War One: the Allies and Greece.  Froggy.  Social Cleansing (poem).  Industrial Democracy and Social Partnership by Mark Langhammer.  Notes on the News.  Letter about the Ghurkhas.  Parliament Notes – Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation.  Gone West (poem).  Listening to Italy by Orecchiette.


Now available on-line:

May 2015: Editorial, Is this the Beginning of the End for the British State?  Cameron has won an election but lost the basis of the Union.   Parliament and World War One, Poem on the latest Royal Birth, Froggy, Mondragon Cooperative in Spain (part 1), Letter & Reply on Liberalism, Workplace Learning, Tweedledum (poem), Notes on the News, Unemployment (poem), Listening to Italy, Pensions.  Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 257 – May 2015

April 2015: Editorial,  Will this be the Last British Election?  The Scottish Nationalist are offering mild social-democracy of the sort the British Labour Party has abandoned.  Parliament and World War One: British Policy on the Balkans, Froggy, Listening to Italy, Notes on the News, Parliamentary Notes: British Military Aid for Ukraine, Six Spoofs in Woodrow Wilson’s famous Fourteen Points, Fascists and Anti-Fascists (poem), Sleepy Hollow (poem), Jihad’s Other God (poem).  Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 256 – April 2015


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