May 2017 – more articles!

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Latest Editorial:

Trusting Theresa May.  May 2017.

‘Trust Me, I’m A Vicar’s Daughter’ could be the message.  But the overwhelming support of MPs for Article 50 wasn’t enough. She wanted complete obedience from her congregation in the chamber of the House. She claimed, bizarrely, that the country was united following the referendum result, but that parliament was divided. She accused Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP of attempting to sabotage the Brexit negotiations and of threatening to oppose a final deal.

Three Months Ago:

From last year, now on-line:

May 2016: Editorial: Steel – A Tale of Two CountriesParliament And World War One: Trade Unions and Peace Proposals.  Statement on ‘Labour’s problem with antisemitism’ from the Jewish Socialists’ Group.  Notes on the NewsFroggyHillsborough; They Never Walked Alone.  The European Union Referendum RevisitedDiary of a Corbyn foot-soldier.   Parliament Notes: Tax Avoidance and Tax EvasionCarles Clarke accusing CorbynListening to Italy by Orecchiette; Poems.  Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 267 – May 2016

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