Labour Affairs – July 2018 Updates

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Latest update.  July Editorial: Funding the NHS.  And how the Tories have always hated it.

From May 2018: Parliamentary Notes and  Notes on the News: Policeless policing?, Windrush Generation – “We Don’t Take Truth for an Answer”, Is This the Facebook that Shipped A Thousand Lies?, From Technocrat to Cashocrats, China – Trade Insults, Not Goods?, Snippets, Korea, Wasteful Wars, As Honest as a Fox.

Also everything for July 2017: Editorial: They’re All Corbynites Now!; Parliament And World War One: Ireland, Greece and Enemy Propaganda; FroggyNotes on the News; Grenfell Tower; Diary of a Corbyn foot soldier (No 12); Parliamentary Notes; Listening to Italy; Poems: Grenfell Tower, Climbing The Money Tree, Not Another Burden. Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 279 – July / August 2017

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