Labour Affairs – May 2019 Updates

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Latest update.  May Editorial: Anger And Betrayal: The New Politics.  No agreement yet on Brexis.

From March 2019: News from France (Froggy), and Parliamentary Notes.  Also Notes on the News: Vote for Cheese, Get Chalk, It’s a Silly Overclass, Europe Flourishing Without Britain, Forgetting Yugoslavia, Weather, Feed the Rich, Kill Off the Old, Uncontrolled Social Media, Hungary Values Itself.

Also everything for May 2018: Editorial: Labour And Antisemitism; 2nd Editorial: What Should Labour’s Foreign Policy Be?; Parliament And World War One; Notes on the News; Diary of a Corbyn foot soldier; Parliamentary Notes; Listening to Italy; “Tunbridge Wells has a Drugs and Murder Problem” (false accusations that Labour has an Antisemitism problem); Brian Behan Remembered (Communist building-worker and militant); Tax Evasion by the Rich (Paradise Papers); Missile strike against Syria(No Froggy, New Zealand or Poems this month.)
Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 287 May 2018

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