December  2019 Updates

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Latest update.  December  Editorial: The Election Choice: Labour Boldness Or Tory TimidnessPublished before the vote.

From October 2019: News from France (Froggy), and Parliamentary Notes.  Also Notes on the News: Beyond Thunberg: Getting Back to Healthy Growth, Thomas Cook Goosed, Yemen – Islam versus Islam, Islam, and Islam, Hong Kong Folly, Cold Violence and Hot Violence , Urban Farmers, Black on Black Racism, Italy: More Failed Populism, India: Government That Works, Shopping With a Visible Face, Buddhist Religious Abuse, A Tobin Tax At Last?.

Also everything for December 2018 – January 2019: Editorial: Back To The EU Cap In Hand; Parliament And World War One; FroggyNotes on the News; Letter from New Zealand; Parliamentary Notes 1 – Mrs May; Parliamentary Notes 2 – Legal Position; Listening to Italy; The BBC & World War One – what about the German side of things?; The Brexit Conundrum; Underlying Brexit Issues; ‘Nae Passaran‘ – film about the 1973 coup in Chile; Corrections for “New Labour and the NHS”.  No ‘Diary of a Corbyn foot soldier’ or Poems.
Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 293 – December 2018.

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