January 2020 – more 1990s articles.

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Issue 32 – November 1992
British Citizens or UK Customers; Adam Smith Opposed the American Revolution; Haig’s Command (Incompetent British generalship World War I).
Available as a PDF at LA032 – November 1992

Issue 33 – January 1993.
Secession – Different Rules Applied in YugoslaviaIraq and The West (in 1993).  Litigation as the enemy of WelfareLost Chances in the English Civil War. British balance-of-power games. Workers Control in Germany (in 1993).
Available as a PDF at LA033 – January 1993

Issue 34 – March 1993.
Adam Smith Undermining Social Values. Socialism & Society By Ramsay MacDonald (1). Rejecting the ‘New World Order’ (in 1993).  Hitler’s Fondness For Croats.
Available as a PDF at LA034 – March 1993.

Issue 35 – May 1993.
Britain and Yugoslavia (Bosnia) in 1993, Adam Smith and Fragmented Work, Italy & the British Press in 1993, Yeltsin Becoming Dictatorial in Russia (1993), Ramsay MacDonald: Socialism & Society (2), Bad NHS Reforms (in 1993), The Illogic of English Spelling.
Available as a PDF at LA035 – May 1993

Issue 36 – July 1993.
Trade Unions – A Link with Reality for Labour. Edmund Burke as Deist. Report from Lithuania (1). William Morris On What Life Might Be.   ‘Falling Down!’ – a Film About US Failure.
Available as a PDF at LA036 – July 1993.

Issue 37 – September 1993
Report from Lithuania (2).    Adam Smith Misunderstanding State Power.   Letter to the editor about Ramsay MacDonald, plus Reply.
Available as a PDF at LA037 – September 1993.

Issue 38 – November 1993.
The IRA as the most British thing in Ireland.    Incomes Policy.   Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand.   Defending the Right to Silence.   Feminists Against Equality?
Available as a PDF at LA038 – November 1993.

Issue 39 – January 1994.
Russia : The Incompetent Capitalist Revolution.    Weaknesses of the “Voluntary” Sector.    Fascism & Social Nationalism.    Crime and Morality.
Available as a PDF at LA039 – January 1994.


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