Magazine Articles On-Line (August 2020)

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August 2020 Special Issue: Editorial: Is The Tory Government A Russian Fifth Column?; The Leaked Labour Party Report on Anti-semitism by Craig Murray; Letters on Churchill and Fascism; The Labour Party Report on the Defeat in 2019; Guaranteeing an Apprenticeship Guarantee by Robert Halpin; Fear of China; Poems: Decapitated, A Little Matter Of Brainwashing.
Available as a PDF: Labour Affairs 310 – August 2020.

July 2020 Editorial 1: Starmer Sacks Rebecca Long-Bailey;
Editorial 2: Brexit, Covid-19 And Labour’s Task;

From June 2020: News from France (Froggy).  Notes on the News: Real Politics at China’s National People’s Congress; Hong Kong: Its Friends Encourage Suicide; New Right Blunderers; We Have Plutocracy, Not Capitalism; WHO Dares Say No; Times Changing?; China Itself Again?; New Types of Education?; More Home Working?

From May 2020: News from France (Froggy). Also Notes on the News: It’s China’s Fault that the USA has One-Third of Global Covid-19 Cases!; Looking After the Money; Boeing – Make Cash and Crashes, Not Good Aircraft; If It Is Difficult, It is Impossible; Former Australia?; China Stays Chinese

Note that there was no Parliamentary Notes for May or June.

Also everything for July / August 2019:
Editorial: Boris Johnson: A Fearful Choice; Parliament And World War One; FroggyNotes on the News; Diary of a Corbyn foot soldier; Letter from New Zealand; Parliamentary Notes; Listening to Italy; Anti-Irishism in Labour; Review of Tory Brexit ideas; Modern Monetary Theory; Israel Takes Whole Cake; Poems: Politics Of The Bathtub, Love On A Bed Of Nails, Small Game Hunter.
Also available as a PDF, Labour Affairs 299 July 2019

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